A golden investing opportunity you can't afford to miss!The time is always right to invest in gold, but today's economy has made this precious metal an ever more essential element in a properly allocated portfolio, as well as a particularly good commodity for long trading. Product manager for precious metals at Barclays Capital, Jonathan Spall provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and answers all the questions pertaining to investing in gold, including:Who are the major market makers?How and where is gold traded?Why are central banks committed holders of gold?How is interest on gold calculated?Which factors most affect price fl uctuations?How does the gold option market work?Should you invest in physical gold, ETFs, futures, or mining shares?You'll also learn all the terminology regarding gold trading, plus you'll get key information about the gold exchanges around the globe. With How to Profit in Gold, you will be on solid ground to correctly interpret the market and make the best investment decisions for your situation.As most investors know, gold is a "safe haven" asset that can actually increase in value during stock market slumps and recessions. But what else do you really know about this commodity?Are you taking full advantage of it? Do you know how to work it into your overall investment strategy? How to Profit in Gold is a comprehensive tutorial on making gold a profi table part of your investment strategy.Jonathan Spall, a 25-year veteran of the precious metals market, provides an inside look at how the precious metal is traded and priced, along with valuable insight into gold's unique position in the marketplace. Filled with practical advice designed to help you get started right away, How to Profit in Gold explores such topics as:Simple and complex gold trading processesThe pivotal role central banks play in the gold marketGold exchange-traded funds (ETFs)How spot gold is tradedWhy gold mining companies have traditionally hedged, and why they no longer do soStrategies for investing in the retail marketSpall provides an extensive glossary of terms you'll need to know, and he debunks various myths regarding thismarket, including the Fed's supposed scheme to keep gold prices artificially low during the 1990s.The effects of global economic growth, the weakened dollar, the credit crunch, and the recent creation of enormous funds each affect the gold market; put them together and they add up to potential profits gold investors have never before dreamed of.Gold is a surprisingly small market. When you learn how to navigate it, the potential for excellent rewards becomesevident. Can you afford not to start investing in gold?

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