Crack the code of finances big mysterythe balance sheetIn these times of financial anxiety, the ability to keep track of a companys finances is more important than ever, and you cant do this without a firm grasp of the balance sheet.Whether youre a small-business owner, department manager, or individual investor or business student, How to Read a Balance Sheet provides the skills you need to make the wisest financial decisions possible. A critical but rarely used business tool for non-financial professionals, the balance sheet provides a snapshot of a companys financial position at any single point in time.How to Read a Balance Sheet demystifies the subject by explaining:What a balance sheet is and how is it used to boost profitsKey components of the balance sheet, including cash, receivables, cash, inventory, long-lived assets, accounts payable, accrued expenses, long-term debt, and equityHow these different elements relate to one another otherand how to keep them under controlFormulas, tips, and examples that illustrate key conceptsPractical advice to maximize operating efficiencies through effective managementWhen you have a firm grasp of the balance sheet, youre better armed to seize business opportunities and avoid financial pitfalls. How to Read a Balance Sheet opens a new door to top performance for any business professional.

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