This book is designed to help you in many ways. While its main objective is to save you money, precisely how much you wish to save depends on you. There are ways to save a little and other ways to make greater savings. Some require very little in the way of effort, others are not possible without a certain degree of sacrifice or compromise in your life. Most of us do not earn as much as we think we need, and are constantly left wishing for that little bit extra. This book will not necessarily make you money, which is a different area altogether, but it will help you to utilise what money you do have more efficiently. The book contains valuable advice such as how to make more efficient use of your central heating system, and useful tips such as the secrets of getting a bargain, plus general hints on other areas of life that can save you money. You may be familiar with many of the ideas mentioned in this book, but do you practice them? Saving money is a little like a regime or diet, it has to be followed strictly for any effect to be noticed. It will take a little while of following this book's advice before you reap the rewards, but it will be worth it in the end when you find you have more money (or fewer debts) than usual

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