Address every type of HR issue with more than 100 templates, memos, and checklistsIn these challenging times, HR professionals and other managers need to know how to strategically position themselves to gain the respect of leadership, and to positively affect the culture and practices of the corporation. The HR Toolkit is the must-have handbook if you're looking to skillfully identify, diplomatically address, and strategically resolve any issue you confront in the workplace.Including a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions for ease-of-reference, expert author Denise Romano provides practical and actionable ways to empower and educate HR professionals and management.The resources in this indispensible handbook tackle:Conflict resolutionPerformance managementJob design and employee selectionEmployee handbooks, workplace culture, and codes of ethicsMedical leave, fair labor standards, overtime, and other government issuesA realistic framework for addressing workplace dysfunction, along with examples, risk assessments, and timelinesThe HR Toolkit is the all you need guide with inside information and proven, successful models to save money and increase profit and productivity by immediately attending to HR issues within the workplace.

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