This book provides the first systematic discourse on a very peculiar approach to the theory of strongly correlated systems. Hubbard X-operators have been known for a long time but have not been widely used because of their awkward algebra. The book shows that it is possible to deal with X-operators even in the general multilevel local eigenstate system, and not just in the case of the nondegenerate Hubbard model. X-operators provide the natural language for describing quasiparticles in the Hubbard subbands with unusual doping and temperature-dependent band structures.The X-operator diagram technique is presented in detail, so that a newcomer with knowledge of the usual Fermi/Bose operator diagram technique can use the former after reading the book.Examples are taken from the theory of high-Tc superconductivity, rare-earth compounds with strong magnetic anisotropy and quantum oscillations in strongly correlated systems.

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