This book examines the 'symbiosis' of automation and technology with the human and the nature towards the ultimate goal of assuring global sustainability. Throughout the years a variety of approaches, technologies and practices have been produced in the direction of achieving human-and nature-minding automation and industrial activity. In this book an attempt is made, for the first time, to present in a cohesive and consolidated way an overview of all these issues together, and show how they combine to provide human-and nature-minding (green) systems. Human-minding automation is possible by employing concepts and techniques from the human factors and ergonomics fields, including job satisfaction, human-friendly interfaces, and human values, whereas nature-minding industrial activity and human development can be achieved by considering as a whole the human, economic, natural and cultural resources in the short and long term. In particular, nature-minding design selects the production methods and technologies that have the minimum impact to the nature. The book is intended for use both as a free reference conceptual book, and as general introductory book in relevant teaching and research environments.

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