This new and updated edition of the vital human behavior textbook for graduate-level social work students emphasizes the biopsychosocial framework with a psychodynamic and developmental perspective, with updated information on contemporary thinking and the application of postmodern theory. Written from the perspective of a classroom teacher, faculty advisor, and clinician, Human Behavior in the Social Environment discusses current social issues such as older people, violence, and abuse. The book approaches development through the life cycle, discussing the developmental challenges, tasks, and problems of each stage. Presenting complex concepts in a clear and understandable way, it also examines and integrates systems and organizational factors, as well as the impact of culture on clients and treatment programs. Human Behavior in the Social Environment looks at: the biopsychosocial perspective psychoanalytic and ego psychology theories object relations, self psychology, and cognitive-behavioral theories postmodern theories: constructivism, relational therapy, narrative theory, and resilience social systems in the community culture and diversity forms and organizations of the family internal family structures and special family problems reproductive issues, infancy, and early childhood development, middle childhood and adolescence adult development life transitions, turning points, crises, and loss illness and disability; mental health problems and much more! With case vignettes, chapter-by-chapter learning exercises, and additional readings, as well as material from literary works, biographies, and newspapers, this copiously-referenced volume illustrates the complexities of human existence, the multiple social conflicts operating in society, and the relevance of social policy dilemmas. While especially designed to benefit and enlighten graduate social work students it is

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