The International Workshop on 'Human Interaction with Machines' is the sixth in a successful series of workshops that were established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Technische Universität Berlin. The goal of those workshops is to bring together researchers from both universities in order to present research results to an international community. In human interaction with machines we can distinguish two essential research directions. The first one is what is mostly described by 'Usability' i.e. how should future devices like cellular phones or telecommunication services be used. A more intuitive access using e.g. natural language is required so that users do not have to study bulky manuals. The second one is where persons get directly into contact with machines like e.g. robots or medical devices. In this field two aspects are important. Machines cooperating with persons or being in close contact with persons should be safe so that even in the case of failures nobody is injured. The question is how to control such machines. All those aspects are covered in this workshop as e.g.: Observation of systems behavior Multi-modal User-Interfaces Self-healing Software Machine Learning Brain-Computer Interfaces Human-machine interaction Multi-modal machine attention.

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