HR transformation is no flavor-of-the-month trend. Nor does the process happen identically from one organization to the next. Instead, rechartering and realigning HR policy, practice, and competencies correlates with the precise strategic direction of each individual organization. Set against a backdrop of the external trends affecting today's workforce and workplace, this action guide to transformation offers rich insight into the various ways strategic decisions influence HR when addressing business and operational issues. Human Resource Transformation combines the authors' 20-plus-years of experience to present a system for talent management, elements of culture, business environment and strategy. With a wealth of research and in-depth case studies from AT&T to IBM to the U.S. Navythe authors illustrate how to move HR from the end of the business-process chain to its rightful position as the strategic leader in aligning talent with organizational goals. Contents List of Figures, Tables, Worksheets, and Transformation in Action Exampls Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors Part One: Transforming HR 1 What is Human Resource Transformation 2 Recent Influences on the Workforce, the Workplace, and HR Part Two: Focusing on the Future 3 Future Trends in the Workplace 4 Future Trends in the General Workforce 5 Transforming HR by Focusing on Future Trends Part Three: Enacting a New Role of HR Leadership 6 What is Human Resource Leadership 7 Building HR Leadership in Your Organization 8 Demonstrating HR Leadership in the Face of Outsourcing Afterword Appendix A: Research on General Managers' Opinions of HR Appendix B: HR Priority Survey Questionnaire References Index

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