Husserl´s Logical Investigations in the New Century: Western and Chinese Perspectives


This volume is the first of its kind in which phenomenologists from the West join hands with specialists from mainland China and Hong Kong to discuss the heritage of Husserls Logical Investigations. Whereas all Western contributors to the volume are scholars who possess indubitable authority in phenomenology, their Chinese counterparts are much less well-known in the Western academic arena. Yet the latters' contributions are of the utmost interest. From them readers will learn of the early reception of Husserls Logical Investigations in China. They will also understand in what way Husserls doctrine of intentionality of consciousness in the Logical Investigations has paved the way to Schelers phenomenology of feeling, to a novel phenomenological explication of religious experience, as well as to the little known young Foucaults tentative formulation of a paradoxical phenomenology of the dream. Last but not least, they will also discover how a young Chinese scholar undertakes a thorough reassessment of the problem of being in Husserl in the light of Heideggerian ontology. With these joint perspectives - Western and Chinese - we hope that this volume will contribute to demonstrate the surprisingly rich and inexhaustible life that Husserls Logical Investigations continues to enjoy in the new century.

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