Dylan Schaffers sequel to Misdemeanor Man is a mind-bending whodunit about small crime, big crime, and the Barry Manilow-loving lawyer caught in the middle. "Drop-dead funny."-Rocky Mountain News "Gordon back for another fun-filled, quirky go-round on the streets of Santa Rita...A rewarding read."-Chicago Sun-Times "I Right the Wrongs is the entertaining kind of page turner youll pursue to the end, then look around for the next in the series." -Tampa Tribune "A over-the-top romp with a generous heart and a couple of nice twists at the end." -New Orleans Times-Picayune "If somebody told me they wrote a book about learning to bake bread with their curmudgeonly, dying father, I would have said, Break out the violins and wake me up when its over. But Dylan Schaffer has created something genuinely sharp and entertaining here. What a fantastic surprise."-Beth Lisick, author of Everybody in the Pool

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