Designed to help students analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS, this book describes the use of statistics in user-friendly, non-technical language to show readers how to choose the appropriate statistic based on the design, interpret output, and write about the results. The authors prepare readers for all of the steps in the research process, from design and data collection, to writing about the results. Discussions of writing about outputs, data entry and checking, reliability assessment, testing assumptions, and computing descriptive and inferential parametric and nonparametric statistics are included. SPSS syntax, along with the output, is provided for those who prefer this format.The new edition features:IBM SPSS version 18 but the book can also be used with older and newer versionsNew section on describing demographics and key variablesExpanded discussion of assumptions and effect size measures in several chaptersExpansion of other useful SPSS functions in Appendix AExamples that meet the new formatting guidelines outlined in the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual (2010)Flowcharts and tables to help select the appropriate statistic and interpret statistical significance and effect sizesTwo realistic data sets at used to solve the chapter problemsPassword protected Instructor's Resource materials with PowerPoint slides, answers to interpretation questions, extra SPSS problems, and more found at .IBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics, Fourth Edition provides helpful teaching tools:All of the key IBM SPSS windows needed to perform the analysesComplete outputs with call-out boxes to highlight key pointsInterpretation sections and questions to help students better understand and interpret the outputLab assignments organized the way students proceed when they conduct a research projectExtra problems for practice in running and interpreting SPSSHelpful appendices on how to: get started with SPSS; write research questions; and create tables and figures.An ideal supplement for courses in either statistics, research methods, or any course in which SPSS is used, taught in departments of psychology, education, and other social and health sciences, this book is also appreciated by researchers interested in using SPSS for their data analysis.

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