Ibrahim Malik's stories and imaginary dialogues with his soul, granddaughter, beloved, parents, historical figures, philosophers, politicians, invented friends, and made-up acquaintances offer a faithful picture of the various plights, worries, anxieties, and threats suffered by the Arabs (belonging to what is paradoxically called the Israeli-Palestinian community) as well as by all of modern men. These dialogues often present complex and contradictory interactions between the old and the young, parents and children, lovers and sweethearts, politicians and people, philosophers and students, the real and the imaginary, reason and emotion, the usual and the absurd, peace and power, love and hatred, hopefulness and hopelessness, and reform and decay. Yet these contradictory forces cooperate to fight for dignity, freedom, and justice. Casual readers of this volume will enjoy stories from a different culture, while scholars concerned with Arabic literature will discover new and fertile fields for academic study.

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