For over 20 years, Dr. Jay Strack has been working with young Christian leaders throughout the U.S. and teaching them have a better understanding of God's Word and His calling in their lives. The topics chosen for the Student Leadership University Study Guide Series represent part of the teaching model that Dr. Strack has developed over the years and address tough questions that young people are asking today. In Identity Theft: What Every Student Needs to Watch Out For, Dr. Strack encourages students to not lose their identity in Christ as they journey from adolescence to adulthood. Chapter titles include:Watch Where You Hang: Peer Pressure and the CrowdI Can't Remember What I Did: The Behavior Driven by Alcohol and DrugsToo Many Mistakes--I Give Up: Robbed by the Past Too Ashamed to Tell: Sexual Experiences and ExperimentsNot Me-I'm Too Dumb: Lack of Self-Confidence Club Chameleon: Changing Who You Are to Fit InIt's Not My Fault: The Self-Destruction of Excuse LandPharisees and Other Self-Help Groups: When Life is Just Rules and No Joy

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