In this disposable age it's always refreshing to be able to fix things yourself. It's uniquely satisfying when you are able to mend something that people tell you should just be replaced or cannot be mended, not to mention ecologically and economically sound. This is not a guide to complex DIY, rather it is handy guide for men and women to refer to when the hairdryer stops working; a strap on an irreplaceable shoulder-bag has broken or your favourite jumper has shrunk in the wash.It is packed with tips and tricks of the trade, for example, how to get burn marks off your pans. It includes details on tools, materials and methods - from quick fixes to permanent solutions.The perfect present for someone who hates our throwaway society and would much rather do it for themselves, you'll be amazed just how many things can be mended with a few tools, a little bit of patience and "If It's Broke, Fix It".

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