Schubert died at the age of thirty-one, in obscurity, his genius unrecognised except by a few friends. Today he is acknowledged as one of the greatest composers of all times.His nine symphonies include what is probably the most famous of all symphonies - The Unfinished- and his chamber music, the best loved of all quintets - The Trout. Perhaps his most impressive accomplishment was the composition of over six hundred exquisite songs, including the Schone Mullerin and Winterreise song cycles, which never cease to delight audiences.In this new biography, the author traces the life and times of Schubert, the development of his music and the political and social climate of Vienne in the years following the Congress of 1814. Documentation of the period, Schubert's own letters and the recollections of his friends help bring Schubert's time alive. The text is completed with a number of facsimile reproductions of Schubert's manuscripts and published editions.

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