Excerpt from Illustrations in Advocacy: Examples of Conducting the Prosecution and Defense of Civil and Criminal Cases, Including Methods of Cross-Examination As Experience is the severest school, so mistakes are its hardest lessons. My business is not to teach, but to give the result of my observations, and my observations have been principally directed to the leading men (nominally) in the profession. Were I ever so great a teacher I could never hope to teach my leaders, nor could I expect them to condescend to be taught. But if I could not induce them to be learners, it is no reason why I should not compel them td be teachers. Many of them are so full of instruction, to say nothing of amusement, that it would be a thousand pities to let it flow away, without so much as sprinkling the thirsty inquirers for knowledge, who sit watchful and gasping on the banks of this bountiful stream! The world is full of teachers - do not let it be supposed that I wish to add to their...

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