This is the first volume in a series that will be dedicated to publishing advances in immunomics particularly those focusing on systemic and integrative approaches in basic and clinical immunology, immunoinformatics, and immunologically relevant instrumentation and high-throughput screening methods. Immunoinformatics utilizes mathematics, information science, computer engineering, genomics, proteomics and immunological methods to bridge immunology and informatics. Ten expert reviews introduce bioinformaticians and immunologists alike to successfully applied data-driven strategies in MHC, TCR, peptide-MHC and allergen research, epitope prediction, de-immunization of therapeutic proteins, host-pathogen interactions, modeling of immune responses to pathogens and large-scale chemical mutagenesis-driven genetic analyses systems. In contrast to existing books on immunoinformatics which emphasize epitope prediction this volume presents a cross-section of immunoinformatic research. The contributions show the interdisciplinarity of the field and how collaborative efforts among bioinformaticians and bench scientists result in innovative strategies towards understanding the immune system. Immunoinformatics is an ideal volume for scientists, researchers, students and professionals in the fields of Immunology, bioinformatics, microbiology, genetics, systems biology, biotechnology, computational biology.

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