The themes of the book focus on the origin, development, interactions, and migrations of the Scythians, in Eurasia and their relationships with the environment of 1st millennium BC. Without doubt, the environment played an important role in the life of ancient nomadic populations, forming the basis of their economies and influencing various aspects of their mode of life.
The main focus is on the huge landmass of Eurasia where apart from global-scale environmental changes, local environmental change, including the physical landscape of forest, steppe, forest-steppe and so on changed. During the 1st millennium BC, important cultural processes occurred throughout the steppe belt, which eventually resulted in the emergence of "Scythian-type" cultures. The Scythian sites have been investigated since the 18th century, resulting in the discovery of outstanding archaeological assemblages and works of art which are displayed in the best museums of the world. Numerous puzzles relating to the Scythians' origins, interactions, migrations and their detailed chronology are discussed and new data presented.

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