Here is an effective, step-by-step plan for improving performance on a large-scale and getting the results and payoffs you desire. If you have a group, a group of groups or an entire organization that needs an intervention, you'll find this book invaluable. Implementation and Management of Performance Improvement Plans begins in the middle - in the implementation phase of performance improvement plans rather than the design or planning phases. This is because, according to the author, implementation is where something useful happens ... or doesn't. Performance improvement aimed at individuals and groups is different. Here you'll learn about common basic misconceptions and errors other leaders make when shifting focus from individual to group and how not to go down the same road. Covered in this cutting-edge resource are six key topic areas: How to approach improvement in a systematic way and "do it right"; How to bring the entire organization into an alignment that adds value over time and keep it there; How project management stitches everything together - from planning through implementation to value added; How to ensure every group being targeted by the plan is fully aware of what is intended and how it applies to them; How to achieve the "holy grail" of performance improvement - measurable improvements and the measurable increase of commitment.

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