'What happens to people like me who were once "pop" stars? Am I destined for a life of daytime television appearances, reunion tours and well-meaning strangers struggling to recognize me before hestitatingly asking "didn't you used to be Marc Almond?"' Despite turning 45, a milestone age that can often result in some sort of mid-life crisis, Marc Almond, singer and songwriter, is not quite ready to take his place on the 'they were once famous' line-up. In Search of the Pleasure Palace is Marc Almond's quest for meaning in life now that he is in the Indian summer of his career. In this rollercoaster journey, Marc goes in pursuit of the thrills, spills and bellyaches that made each day of his youth memorable and created an image of him that was decadent, outrageous and worryingly misunderstood. Almond's vivid and often wittily acerbic pen candidly records insights about his thoughts, the nature of being who he is, his often bizarre lifetyle and the places he visits as he attempts to navigate a course through mid-life. From swingers' nights in Croydon to the lost haunts of Barcelona, from Russia's surreal underbelly to the pre-Giuliani clean-up of New York, Marc is your observant guide to a world he was once part of and few of us have access to - through fantastic, wry anecdote.

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