The Passion Price by Miranda LeeJake Winters has that edge of danger about him, even though he's now a successful, wealthy Sydney lawyer. When he comes back into Angelina's life, the intense sexual attraction between them is still too hard to deny - can Angelina let Jake have her body, but keep her secret...? The Australian's Convenient Bride by Lindsay Armstrong Handsome cattle-station owner Steve Kinane needs a housekeeper - and Chattie Winslow is perfect. Chattie and Steve try hard to resist the sexual chemistry between them. Then Steve discovers her reason for being in the Outback, and proposes an irresistible marriage of convenience. The Australian's Marriage Demand by Melanie Milburne When Jasmine wakes up the morning after a society wedding, she's in Connor Harrowsmith's bed! She's snapped by the Sydney paparazzi as she stumbles from his hotel room! With both their reputations at stake, Connor insists they wed, but he is not thinking of a marriage on paper...

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