James Bond, superspy is known the world over - but few realise that the legend of 007 is based on reality - the wartime experiences of Ian Fleming. Ian Fleming's own story is equals any of James Bond's activities. As the creator of 30 Assault Group, he was involved in the greatest heist of WW2 - the capture of the entire archives of the German Navy. From being a Reuters journalist, banker and stockbroker to naval intelligence officer was a big step, but Fleming proved more than capable. He later wrote "I do take a lot of my plots from life. They are certainly bizarre, but they are made up of real things." This book looks at his life and work, and the influence that the creation of James Bond has had on worldwide literature, art and film. It has even led through to children's literature. Fleming's story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang resulted in a film and stage musical, which continues to enthral generations of children. It details places that you can visit linked to Ian Fleming and James Bond such as Eton College, National Motor Museum, Imperial War Museum and Goldeneye in Jamaica. The book shows how Ian Fleming, James Bond and a certain flying car have been portrayed in literature, film and drama. It highlights film locations including Black Park, Rogaland, St Sophia's Cathedral and Neuschwanstein Castle.

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