The stories of Robin Hood, his band of outlaws and their continuing fight against the greed and tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John are probably the most enduring of all English legends. "In the Footsteps of Robin Hood" outlines the legends and looks at their role in literature. It seeks to explore the historical basis of the legends, and shows why the tales of Robin Hood have entertained and inspired people not only in Britain but also in almost every other corner of the globe.This bitesize ebook looks in detail at places you can go that are linked to the historical and legendary character. Sherwood Forest is certainly the best known, but there are many others including Edwinstowe where Robin Hood is believed to have married Maid Marian; Thieves Wood where Little John fought him and Kirklees Priory where Robin Hood may be buried.It also shows how Robin Hood has been portrayed in literature, film, television, art and drama. In the Footsteps of Robin Hood identifies many of the locations that have been used in filming such as Alnwick Castle, Wookey Hole Caves, Wells Cathedral, Freshwater West, and Dovedale. Many of these film and television locations can be easily visited.

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