The fateful voyage of the Titanic has caught the imagination of the world. It has gained mythical status with memorable images and stunning films. This ebook outlines the story as well as dealing with the myths that have grown up around this disaster. Why were there not enough lifeboats? Did Captain Smith have a good safety record? Were there premonitions that a disaster was about to happen? Why was the ship steaming fast through iceberg alley? The book looks in detail at places where you can go that are linked to the Titanic saga. See the massive dry dock on which it rested in Belfast, the poignant reminders of the deaths of so many people in Museums on both sides of the Atlantic, and the place where so many of the victims are buried. It shows how the story of the Titanic has been portrayed in literature, film, art and drama. You can visit some of the film locations including the Victorian splendour of the Coal Exchange in Cardiff, a Liberty Ship and Dublin streets.

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