Cutting-edge, full-color coverage of optical imaging and diagnostic systems in development for in vivo useFeaturing full-color, high-resolution images, In Vivo Clinical Imaging and Diagnosis is written for biomedical engineering and biophotonic imaging professionals, providing detailed descriptions of leading-edge imaging technologies and diagnostic techniques. This one-stop photonic imaging resource covers clinical microscopic imaging systems with a focus on miniaturization of microscopes; the latest imaging techniques including hyperspectral imaging, molecular imaging, and opto-acoustic tomography; and spectroscopic techniques.In Vivo Clinical Imaging and Diagnosis features:Full-color, high-resolution imagesContributions from James Fujimoto, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brett Bouma, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Health Sciences & Technology at Harvard Medical School, and many othersDefinitive coverage of the latest breakthroughs in this emerging field:Advances in Microscopic Imaging; Confocal Microscopy of Cancer; Non-linear Microscopy of Cancer and Brain Function; Optical Coherence Tomography of Cancer and Ocular Disease; Microscopic Endoscopy in the GI Tract; Macroscopic/Wide Field Imaging; Opto-acoustic Imaging of Cancer; Molecular Imaging for Proteomics, Genomics and Cancer; Diffuse Optical Tomography of Breast Cancer and Brain Function; Speckle Imaging of Brain Function for Stroke; Hyperspectral Imaging of Cancer; Clinical Spectroscopy Systems; Reflectance/Fluorescence Diagnosis of Breast, Skin, Ovary and Cervical Cancer; Raman Spectroscopy of Brain and Breast Cancer; Novel Spectroscopic Techniques for Prostate Cancer Detection

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