Imaging studies are frequently used to evaluate the success of cancer treatments for a variety of tumor types. In Vivo Imaging of Cancer Therapy addresses a variety of cutting-edge imaging techniques, including their use for best practice, and provides examples of results found in both pre-clinical and clinical studies. This comprehensive text covers the entire spectrum of in vivo imaging for oncology, including current approaches to detailed anatomic measurements, MR and optical spectroscopy, and molecular imaging techniques requiring exogenously administered imaging agents. The challenges and approaches to quantification are also outlined. The authors describe technologies and methods that are currently clinically available, and many that are still in a developmental stage or useful only in animal studies. However, it is important to realize that the majority of imaging devices now offered for sale by the major imaging equipment manufacturers did not exist as recently as 3 or 4 years ago. Thus the pace of technology development is such that techniques described here as laboratory or investigational will likely be in clinical use within a few years. In vivo imaging will continue to have profound effects on how we think about, detect, diagnose, treat and monitor cancer. In Vivo Imaging of Cancer Therapy will aide clinicians at all levels in keeping up with the most cutting-edge techniques.

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