This book presents a systematic, rigorous and comprehensive account of the theory and applications of incomplete block designs. All major aspects of incomplete block designs are considered by consolidating vast amounts of material from the literature including the classical incomplete block designs, like the balanced incomplete block (BIB) and partially balanced incomplete block (PBIB) designs. Other developments like efficiency-balanced designs, nested designs, robust designs, C-designs and alpha designs are also discussed, along with more recent developments in incomplete block designs for special types of experiments, like biological assays, test-control experiments and diallel crosses, which are generally not covered in existing books. Results on the optimality aspects of various incomplete block designs are reviewed in a separate chapter, that also includes recent optimality results for test-control comparisons, parallel-line assays and diallel cross experiments.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Introduction (1,765 KB)Contents: IntroductionAnalysis and Properties of Block DesignsBalanced DesignsPartially Balanced DesignsMore Incomplete Block DesignsOptimality Aspects of Block DesignsReadership: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students, researchers in statistics and applied mathematics.

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