India in the Global Software Industry investigates India's IT industry, which is expected to be the engine of growth. By showing how India can become internationally competitive in the IT industry, it also offers an avenue for India to tackle the massive needs of all its people in the increasingly globalized post-WTO world economy. India has many of the necessary ingredients for being competitive - a large diversified scientific pool, an extensive network of higher education institutions nad an array of centres of excellence in R&D. However, to remain internationally competitive, India must keep abreast of rapid technological developments by adopting a more proactive development strategy. In this spirit, this volume examines the Indian IT industry, especially the software sector, by bringing out the structural and market challenges it faces, the policies to deal with them and the organizational and strategic ways by which they resolve these challenges internally. Also considered is how external factors such as transnational links with foreign firms, markets and India-born entrepeneurs overseas become significant sources of innovation in India.

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