Excerpt from Indian Corn: Its Value, Culture, and Uses As a feeble tribute of admiration, Gentlemen, for your valuable services in advancing the great farming interest of our country, the author begs leave to inscribe to you this humble effort Agriculture is the acknowledged basis of our national growth and prosperity. It has contributed, more than any other cause, to make our country what it is, and is destined to be equally instrumental hereafter in making it all that it promises to be. But while we all perceive and readily acknowledge the great national importance of this branch of industry, should we not equally recognize the vast and beneficent influence exerted by the class of writers I am addressing? - a class, numerically small but influentially potent, who, by advancing our agriculture, have contributed more to develop our material wealth and power than any other equal number of men in the country. No man who has paid any attention to the progress of...

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