The third edition of Khandekars book moves away from the first two in many ways. It has two new chapterson events and out-of-home mediasegments not covered by any business book so far. It has case studies on a host of companies and issuesfrom The Times Group to the future of newspapers to why the Indian animation business cant take off.The biggest difference however is that it tackles, for the first time, textural issues within various industry segments. There is a portion on ethics and falling standards in Indian media and on private treaties. It tells you why TV broadcasting is going to be trouble for some years to come, why the film industry is destined for bigger things and why telecom operators will have a tough time becoming media barons.This is in addition to the books basic promise of being an in-depth study of the Indian media business. It provides, as usual, the business history, dynamics, technology, regulation, valuation norms and industry trends in print, television, film, radio, music, internet, telecom, out-of-home media and events.This book is a must read for media professionals and for anyone planning to invest in the Indian media and entertainment business.

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