The microfinance sector in India has been growing rapidly in both scale and institutional diversity, making it the largest in the world. Indian Microfinance is a comprehensive account of various components of the Indian microfinance sector. It provides an overview of the main challenges facing the sector, the progress of its main delivery models, issues relating to the emerging microfinance services of microinsurance and money transters, ongoing efforts in training and capacity building, opportunities facing commercial financiers such as bankers and social venture capitalists, and an account of ongoing research in the sector. Apart from containing extensive original material, the book synthesizes the findings of other recent studies and reports. It identifies various requirements for policy and regulatory change, a contribution which is particularly timely in view of the new microfinance bill being considered by the central government. Lucidly written, the book will serve as a reference document for various players in the sector including pratitioners, bankers, insurance companies, venture capitalists, regulators, donors and policy makers, and for the development community generally. Given heightened interest in the sector with the Nobel Prize awarded to Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, it will also be of interest to academicians, media persons and the intelligent layman.

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