Avoid common pitfalls in large-scale projects using these smart strategiesOver half of large-scale engineering and construction projectsoff-shore oil platforms, chemical plants, metals processing, dams, and similar projectshave miserably poor results. These include billions of dollars in overruns, long delays in design and construction, and poor operability once finally completed.Industrial Megaprojects gives you a clear, nontechnical understanding of why these major projects get into trouble, and how your company can prevent hazardous and costly errors when undertaking such large technical and management challenges.Clearly explains the underlying causes of over-budget, delayed, and unsafe megaprojectsExamines effects of poor project management, destructive team behaviors, weak accountability systems, short-term focus, and lack of investment in technical expertiseAuthor is the CEO of the leading consulting firm for evaluating billion-dollar projectsCompanies worldwide are rethinking their large-scale projects. Industrial Megaprojects is your essential guide for this rethink, offering the tools and principles that are the true foundation of safe, cost-effective, successful megaprojects.

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