Are you having problems becoming pregnant? Youre not alone; over 7.2 million Americans are facing the same challenges of infertility. Though some non-experts say that its all a matter of relaxation or taking medication, you need clear, straightforward, and trustworthy answers from healthcare professionals without feeling insulted, humiliated, or scared.Written with compassion as well as professional knowledge, Infertility for Dummies combines comfort and expertise to walk you through your journey to becoming pregnant. This plain-English guide explains how infertility affects both men and women, while covering the latest treatments. It covers all key areas, including:Determining if you are infertileMaintaining a healthy relationship with your partnerMaking healthy pre-conception lifestyle changesUnderstanding the male and female anatomyTechniques for timing your conceptionDifferent ways to diagnose infertilityDealing with early pregnancy lossFinding the right doctorDifferent types of alternative inseminationNew advances and concerns in infertilityImproving your chances of conceivingInfertility for Dummies includes strategies for dealing with family and friends what to expect from them, how to deal with inappropriate comments, and understanding that they are just trying to help. This book also provides the names and profiles of fertility medications and where you can find them.

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