A Research-Driven Resource on Building Biochemical Systems to Perform Information Processing FunctionsInformation Processing by Biochemical Systems describes fully delineated biochemical systems, organized as neural networktype assemblies. It explains the relationship between these two apparently unrelated fields, revealing how biochemical systems have the advantage of using the "language" of the physiological processes and, therefore, can be organized into the neural networktype assemblies, much in the way that natural biosystems are. A wealth of information is included concerning both the experimental aspects (such as materials and equipment used) and the computational procedures involved. This authoritative reference:Addresses network-type connectivity, considered to be a key feature underlying the information processing ability of the brainDescribes novel scientific achievements, and serves as an aid for those interested in further developing biochemical systems that will perform information-processing functionsProvides a viable approach for furthering progress in the area of molecular electronics and biocomputingIncludes results obtained in experimental studies involving a variety of real enzyme systemsInformation Processing by Biochemical Systems is intended for graduate students and professionals, as well as biotechnologists.

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