This book examines several key issues facing government ministers, international aid organizations and business managers who all hope to promote business or to do business in Asia. The fundamentals of infrastructures are reviewed - ranging from the need to support educational infrastructure, to a review of terrorist networks that use their own infrastructures as well as that of the internet. The authors argue that modern infrastructure is interdependent. Yet if it is disconnected, society will not develop smoothly and the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' will widen.Contributions are provided by an international group of distinguished academics, managers and policy makers who contribute chapters on:- Infrastructure, systems, creativity and the role of human capital- the role of governance in major conglomerates as well as family-run businesses- the need to improve administrations to better use their human and intellectual capital- the development of a wired society across Asia and its implications- the development leadership to use the breadth of infrastructure interconnectedness

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