The book investigates how, and which, forgiving road environments (FOR) and self-explaining road measures (SER) will contribute to increasing road safety and also increase network efficiency on the road. It presents both the general approach and the methodology for generating the possible FOR and SER measures. The book further discusses the prioritization and the testing methodologies, as well as the designing VMS methodology.The next parts of the book present a few important examples: lane departure warning systems; intelligent speed adaptation systems and perception enhancement studies; designs of European pictorial signs, e.g. for VMS but also examples of designs of European road wordings; and finally how personalization can take place of VMS signs and wordings for the individual driver.The last part shows the final evaluation of FOR and SER, and detailed Multiple Criterion Analysis and Cost Benefit Analyses are performed on a number of FOR and SER measures. This results in the development of a set of guidelines, conclusions and recommendations for the future.

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