A comprehensive look at the emergence of infrastructure financeJust as infrastructure development acts as a catalyst for economic growth, it is also changing the landscape for potential investors and the burgeoning field of infrastructure finance. Infrastructure systems for transportation, utilities, and public works are essential for economic growth and have quickly developed into an emerging alternative asset class.InfrastructureFinance examines how the activities associated with updating and creating efficient transportation and communications, reliable and affordable energy, clean water, and other essential systems, have become a profitable financial endeavor. Recently, providing, operating, and maintaining infrastructure has advanced as a recognized and important investment sector that reaches beyond earlier business models. InfrastructureFinance puts this field in perspective and details what you need to know to succeed within it.An informative look at infrastructure finance-an emerging alternative investment for all types of institutional investorsDissects the central organizational and financial issues behind the revolutions that are occurring in infrastructure management and financeContains detailed guidance for navigating the dynamic field of infrastructure financeDiscusses infrastructure as arteries of life for a better worldHighlights infrastructure undergoing transformations to adapt to turbulent environmentsFocuses on Green infrastructure to balance economic and environmental changesAs infrastructure finance continues to grow in importance, you'll need to enhance your understanding of its essential aspects. InfrastructureFinance will provide you with the insights to achieve this goal.

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