The adventure starts here. Follow Hachi on her quest to strange futuristic worlds, learning how to draw scenes from her wild adventures along the way! You are holding, my fantasy-loving friend, the first ever how-to book that features its own self-contained sci-fi epic, a story in which 17-year-old Hachi encounters new friends and terrible foes that push her newfound powers to their limits. So, too, will you explore your innate abilities and discover drawing skills as you bring these curious creatures and bizarre landscapes to life with pencil and paint. This book includes: 30 step-by-step demonstrations for drawing a colorful cast of characters, costumes, weapons, ships and background elements Expert advice on developing atmosphere, gesture, movement, tension, expression and more Insights on both the technical aspects of illustrating as well as the narrative rationale behind each choice Tons of awesome art! Ink Bloom isn't just about great drawing and painting. It's about great storytelling. In these action-packed pages, you'll learn how to work with a manuscript, incorporate your own ideas, and turn out vibrant, thrilling, utterly fantastic illustrations.

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