He has riches beyond imagination - but her innocence can't be bought! A blushing bride... Notorious womaniser Sheikh Karim is not fooled for an instant by his convenient fiancee's attempts to play the experienced seductress! Only an innocent could blush so prettily at his merest touch. Eva might want out of their marriage arrangement but Karim has other ideas... A plain-jane proposal The last thing playboy Sheikh Tajik al Zayed bin Aman wants is a wife! But custom dictates he must marry and his bride must be pure, so he sets his sights on prim and proper Morgan Fielding. Only seducing Morgan is far more pleasurable than Tajik could have imagined... A prince's pawn... In order to secure his country's future Prince Shehab Aal Masood must make Farah Beaumont his bride. Not only is Farah innocent to her importance to the country of Judar, she's an innocent in the bedroom. Suddenly Shehab's calculated seduction becomes more about pleasure than duty!

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