The focus of this book is the consideration of environmental issues in engineering process and product design. It presents a selection of 30 papers ensuing from the 12th CIRP International seminar on Life Cycle Engineering, held at the university of Grenoble, France, in April 2005. Sustainable development is more and more at the core of government and industry policy. Industrial production and consumption culture are facing dramatic changes due to pollution and waste problems, exhaustion of available non-renewable resources and rapid growth in world population. So, the environmental focus has shifted from production processes to the products entire life cycle. The potential of technology to create synergies between environmental protection and economic growth has been recognized. Life cycle engineering aims at providing engineering tools targeted towards cleaner product-oriented activities for improving the environment while contributing to competitiveness and growth. This book is of interest to academics, students and practitioners, specializing in environmental issues in mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing. This volume is recommended as a reference textbook for all researchers in the field. It will give teaching staff confronted with training methodologies in integrated design and environment a tool to assess the scope of the development prospects in an extremely wide ranging field.

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