Innovative Applications Of Information Technology For The Developing World - Proceedings Of The 3Rd Asian Applied Computing Conference (Aacc 2005)


Information and communication technology (ICT) has become a generic and indispensable tool for addressing and solving problems in such diverse areas as management, social and health services, transportation, security and education. As the cost of equipment drops dramatically, it also becomes widely accessible in the developing countries. However, problems of high costs for adequate training of personnel, access to state-to-the-art software and the consultancies needed to facilitate access to ICT can constitute highly dissuasive factors in the dissemination of ICT in developing countries.This volume describes a series of successful initiatives for the insertion of ICT in developing economies. It also identifies significant problems that are likely to be encountered, and suggests useful solutions to these problems. It therefore serves as a useful tool for example applications, and for the successful assimilation of these technologies in developing societies and countries.

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