Kuala Lumpur, once a sleepy backwater, is today a sprawling metropolis and one of Asia's most exciting destinations. Insider's Kuala Lumpur takes the reader on a tour of KL's various districts-the City Centre, Chinatown, Jalan Ampang, Lake Gardens, Bangsar, Bukit Bintang-and gives the inside scoop on the stories behind the city's famous landmarks and personalities. Author Lam Seng Fatt's collection of captivating stories will make you pause, think and appreciate the city in its historical totality. Hear about the disputes over the real founder of the city; the brothels and gambling dens; the adventures of the early pioneers, coffee planters and infamous criminals; the rich towkays who built themselves European-inspired mansions; and the first warders of Pudu Jail-named Fish, Currie, and Rice! In this updated third edition, the latest developments in the cosmopolitan capital are covered, adding a whole new dimension to the already fascinating story. Maps, colour photographs, suggested itineraries, and information on attractions make this an indispensable travel companion.

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