Management is no matter of ideology, nor is it a question of fashion. Management is a craft - the universal and most important discipline of the 21st century. Fredmund Malik, the leading expert in the field of general management, provides you with the knowledge it takes to be a successful executive and manager, in any position, within any organisation.
This part introduces Fredmund Malik's toolbox for consistent General Management, featuring the modules of Master Control for the management of complex systems. These modules cover the entire development of a systematic policy with regard to issues both internal and external, with a focus on the core questions faced by all businesses.
Fredmund Malik's theory is system-oriented and can thus be applied regardless of time or place. It is designed to work in all areas and industries of any society, irrespective of changing trends or national and cultural differences. Taking as his point of departure the consistent traits displayed by complex systems - phenomena that executives and managers are likely to address on a daily basis - Malik sets the standard for sound management in a knowledge-based economy.

Read more about the Malik Management Systems:
Management Is a Craft
The Principles of Effective Management
Tasks of Effective Management
Tools of Effective Management
The Malik Management System and Its Users
Managing People - Managing a Business
The General Management Functions
Management For a New Era
Sovereignty and Leadership through Master Control
Cybernetics: Background of the Malik Management Systems

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