This book addresses the interactions and interrelationships between tumor and host that modulate progression and metastasis. A unique aspect of the book is that it highlights the tumor/host interactions as new targets for therapeutic intervention to control cancer. One promising approach is to target the host rather than the tumor itself, and several authors examine the potential for this novel tactic to oppress the manipulative cancer cell. The book examines the tumor and host relationship from multiple viewpoints: cellular and molecular events that occur during tumor-host cell interactions that control differentiation, cell proliferation, angiogenesis and vasculogenic mimicry, migration, apoptosis, invasion, metastasis. Other topics include the role of the immune response and chemokines/chemokine receptors, and the role of the brain and nutrients in tumor and host survival. Drug resistance limits cancer therapy, and the book emphasizes numerous novel and future therapeutic directions to sensitize drug resistant cells and other approaches that target the tumor and host microenvironment. This book will be of interest to cancer researchers who are interested in understanding metastasis, tumor and host interaction and interrelationships, and who have an interest in cancer control through development of novel targeting agents that impact these processes.

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