This Teacher's Book is split into two sections: the first covering the Coursebook and Workbook; and the second covering the Skills Book. Both sections provide step-by-step notes, key background information, and, at the end of each section, there is a bank of photocopiable activities. The Teacher's Resource Book includes a Test Master CD-ROM which provides an invaluable testing resource to accompany the course. The tests are based strictly on the content of the corresponding level of Intelligent Business, providing a fair measure of students' progress. An interactive menu makes it easy to find the tests you are looking for. Keys and audioscripts are provided to make marking the tests as straightforward as possible. Most tests come in A and В versions. This makes it easier for you to invigilate the test by making it harder for students to copy from each other. The audio files for the listening tests are conveniently located on the same...

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