This volume contains selected papers, presented at the international conference on Intelligent Information Processing and Web Mining Conference IIS:IIPWM'06, organized in Ustro« (Poland) on June 19-22nd, 2006. The submitted papers cover new computing paradigms, among others in biologically motivated methods, advanced data analysis, new machine learning paradigms, natural language processing, new optimization technologies, applied data mining using statistical and non-standard approaches. The papers give an overview over a wide range of applications for intelligent systems: in operating systems design, in network security, for information extraction from multimedia (sound, graphics), in financial market analysis, in medicine, in geo-science, etc. This volume of VI IIS:IIPWM'06 Proceeding will be a valuable reference work in further research for computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, logicians and other interested researchers who find excitement in advancing the area of intelligent systems.

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