The book 'International Finance in Emerging Markets' reviews contemporary issues in international monetary and financial economics in an emerging financial market using the example of Thailand. The book adopts the elements of new welfare economics and asymmetric information paradigms in analyzing those issues including financial liberalization, crisis, exchange rate determination, and domestic capital market reform. The book suggests for the first time a normative social approach for addressing the contemporary issues in international monetary and financial economics. It provides an example of cutting edge research in international finance and monetary economics within a welfare economics framework. It also suggests some policy implications of the welfare economic analysis of international financial issues in an emerging market. ' This book addresses contemporary issues in international monetary policy and finance from a welfare economics perspective, focusing on emerging market nations such as Thailand. It is a welcome contribution to the international finance literature.' Prof. Steven L. Schwarcz, Stanley A. Star Professor of Law & Business, and Founding Director, Global Capital Markets Center, Duke University, USA

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