An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics presents important concepts from classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistical physics, and quantum physics brought together to discuss the interaction of radiation and matter, selection rules, symmetries and conservation laws, scattering, relativistic quantum mechanics, apparent paradoxes, elementary quantum field theory, electromagnetic and weak interactions, and much more.This book consists of two parts:Part 1 comprises the material suitable for a second course in quantum physics and covers:Electromagnetic Radiation and MatterScatteringSymmetries and Conservation LawsRelativistic Quantum PhysicsSpecial TopicsPart 2 presents elementary quantum field theory and discusses:Second Quantization of Spin 1/2 and Spin 1 FieldsCovariant Perturbation Theory and ApplicationsQuantum ElectrodynamicsEach chapter concludes with problems to challenge the students understanding of the material.This text is intended for graduate and ambitious undergraduate students in physics, material sciences, and related disciplines.

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