Introduction to Discrete Event Systems (Kluwer International Series on Discrete Event Dynamic System)


The rapid evolution of computing, communication, and sensor technologies has brought about the proliferation of `new' dynamic systems, mostly technological and often highly complex. Examples are all around us: computer and communication networks; automated manufacturing systems; air traffic control systems; and distributed software systems. The `activity' in these systems is governed by operational rules designed by humans; their dynamics are therefore characterized by asynchronous occurrences of discrete events. These features lend themselves to the term discrete event system for this class of dynamic systems. A substantial portion of this book is a revised version of Discrete Event Systems: Modeling and Performance Analysis (1993), written by the first author and recipient of the 1999 International Federation of Automatic Control Triennial Control Engineering Textbook Prize. This new expanded book is intended to be a comprehensive introduction to the field of discrete event...

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